We introduce bean of Hokkaido.

  • Adzuki bean

    Adzuki bean

  • Large-grained variety of the adzuki bean

    Large-grained variety of the adzuki bean

  • Bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans

    Bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans

  • In fortune platinum

    In fortune platinum

  • White French bean

    White French bean

  • The middle head quail

    The middle head quail

  • Tiger beans

    Tiger beans

  • Purple flower beans

    Purple flower beans

  • White blossom beans

    White blossom beans

  • Large parched beans

    Large parched beans

  • Red pea

    Red pea

  • toyomasari soybean

    toyomasari soybean

  • Akita soybean

    Akita soybean

  • onkodaisodeshindaimame


  • Black soybean

    Black soybean

Recipe of beans dishes

Way of retting, lower dish simmered in of beans



Why do you do retting?
Except some beans, this is because we generally dipped into water beforehand and are boiled evenly in a short term. In addition, absorption of water improves as they stock up, and beans which became slightly old do retting and can finish stewed rise plumply.


Does retting time vary according to beans?
Adzuki bean does not need retting. Almost none of the kidney beans needs retting, too. About other beans, please refer to the following time. (it varies according to state and seasons of beans a little. You should soak slightly for a long time in winter as temperature is low.)


◎It is two hours from small hand my late red kidney bean, tiger beans, pinto bean ... 1

◎It is three hours from ... 2 including slightly large large parched beans

◎Larger nohana beans ... around five hours

※Please dip into water from 6 to 8 times of each bean.




Way of lower dish simmered in

  1. Using thick slightly deep pan of diameter around 20cm, we pour water of around 4 times of beans and hang cover in medium fire without doing.
  2. We do bad water soaking into a well (around one cup) after bringing to a boil for 5-7 minutes and close the cap when loosening beans set and do in low temperature from medium fire if we come to the boil and write timer and continue boiling.
  3. We boil to remove lye after draining off the hot water after boiling when it is cooked once, but boil without draining off the hot water after boiling when it wants to prevent you from missing nutrition, and doing even a little.
  4. Of being in the middle of boiling, and water decreasing, and beans going out of bath warn so that there is not, and please do bad water soaking into a well when lacked water.
  5. It varies according to types of beans a little, but is cooked plumply in a circle in 50-60 minutes from the stewed beginning. (so as to pick up one drop, and to push lightly at finger-tip, and to be destroyed)
    It is soft and becomes delicious when we boil in another breath when we boil indulgently.