The wide earth transparent water clear air 
Ingredients which grow in the four seasons to go round the high sky 
Tokachi is blessed so much.
Send the charm to the world. Tell the preciousness to children.
It is our mission.

Wonderful nature to the full.

Morning of Tokachi Hills begins in field birdsong.
When morning positive zashitotomoni flower begins to stretch itself like a brick,
Slow time begins with flavor of bread hot from the oven.
Please feel time moving relaxedly.
Cloud floating in the heavens, refreshing wind,
Everything moves slowly slowly.
Please resign yourself to such inside. We can fully take in nature.
Please have vegetables having just finished being produced on the spot.
Surely it will be to be surely impressed.
That's right, this is because wonderful natural taste makes.
We want to give impression of half-forgotten nature to many people alone.
We think about flower and meal and theme park, Tokachi Hills of agriculture.