Event calendar

  • June
    • ROSE WEEK of the summer of 2020  From June 27 to July 5

      ROSE WEEK of the summer of 2020! !



      In fact, we hold summer Rose event of Tokachi Hills for the first time!

      About 900 English roses are in full glory in 2,380 square meters of Rose garden areas!


      Theme "heals".


      The situation ahead of going out continued under the influence of new coronavirus

      As there is, and environment of open air is available in peace in Tokachi Hills, too

      Come by all means to heal everyday fatigue!


      "Summer Rose" of our garden that was not able to let you were damaged and bloom by frost damage completely revived this year last year!

      We want local all of you to enjoy Rose who reached the best time to see and hold event!


      We make that I can see all of you amusement!


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  • August
    • Day from 30 to 31 on August of 2020 vegetables

      All of you hello!

      In Tokachi Hills, cultivate chemical-free vegetables in garden, toward the area let alone sale,

      We take in to restaurant, cafe in Tokachi Hills garden!


      Fresh chemical-free vegetables having just finished being produced are really delicious!


      As event

       We will hold every year on = "day of ya rhinoceros" on August 31 in future.


      On the first day, we hold at the same time in the morning with Marchais on Sunday, August 30.

      We are asking people from Marchais branch for approach in connection with vegetables in the morning♬

      Besides, we think that it is on surely lively day as we do combined sales of main chemical-free vegetables.


      There is combined sales of chemical-free vegetables about Monday, August 31, too, and circle bread of rosemary hot from the oven

      We want to offer taste of vegetables to everybody in "roast length" according to the name!


      Bring into garden, and find place to settle, and please have coffee to one hand; (^_-)-☆


      We want you to have such wonderful time in your hand by all means♬



    • 2020 SUMMER GARDEN

      Summer event/of \ Tokachi Hills


      ... 2020 SUMMER GARDEN


      Theme "healing ... relaxation -"

      Event period: From Saturday, August 1, 2020 to August 10, 2020 Monday (holiday)


      Time when it is wonderful together in Tokachi Hills in summer when main flower is refreshing with "sunflower!"


      Our garden concept "to the full in wonderful nature."

      Small birdsong

      Seasonal vegetables which have just finished being produced in morning of the day

      Transparent blue sky

      Fresh garden flower

      Would you like to spend rich time to be able to take in "agriculture and meal" in such Tokachi Hills?


      Relaxedly leisurely relaxation!


      We make that I can see all of you amusement!


      Flyer) garfish

  • September
    • 2020 AKI FES from 19 to 22 on September

      It is autumn event guide♬

      For four days until from Saturday, September 19 to September 22 (celebration, fire)
      (^^) which waits for all of you by various contents to enjoy autumn
      We inform of how old you are until the day of the event!
      ■ Garden X "ohagi" = hokkori!
      "Ohagi" to eat on the equinoctial week. There is difference in season to prepare into each between ohagi and botamochi and comes from the name of the seasonal flower.
      And Marukatsu running "Tokachi Hills" wholesales indispensable adzuki bean to sum Kashiya to Japanese confectionery in beans wholesale dealer.
      Will it be in thing like beans wholesale dealer with garden? We think about this,
      So! At bush clover time to bloom, we planned ohagi with meal benagarahokkorishitemorao in an autumn time!
      You are up to weather, but please do "hokkori" while oneself in garden sits on bench at comfortable place! Is deluxe time; (^^)
      ■ Hills shop autumn sale up to 70% OFF
      We turn off wonderful miscellaneous goods up to 70%! Please look for the garden wonderful miscellaneous goods which seem to be usable at home after having taken a walk; (^^)
      As change product targeted for sale every day in rotation, please come every day; ...!
      Wonderful nature to the full!
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