Blessing of the Hills farm sun is plentiful

"Food education" to learn preciousness of meal


Food education is not to learn knowledge about merely meal. To Daichi who brought up the ingredients, be interested in the sun to air in water in season. Through them, feel affection with splendor of life brought up by nature. It is "education of heart" to learn the preciousness of "meal" in the very front routinely. We want you to learn preciousness of meal from children carrying the future through experience in Hills farm. Come with child by all means.shokuiku_photo


Kids club

To children full of hope, we perform pleasant class that we cannot learn at school.
We open kids club under the theme of nature and "food education" to learn while playing.

Kids farm 1 
Kids pass

The first fee

20 sets (a year)
Until 10 years old (protector companion)
Kids passport 500 yen / Hills passport 1,500 yen (for protector)
Monthly 1,000 yen (one person)
For more details, please refer. TEL: 0155-56-1111



Kimura-style natural cultivation agricultural methods


Author Akinori Kimura of book "miraculous apple." "Natural cultivation agricultural methods" that Kimura proposes are really methods to practice relief safe cultivation without using manure and pesticides, weed killer entirely by drawing original ability that the crops have. We learn from Kimura in Tokachi Hills and bring up apple or vegetables in this natural cultivation agricultural methods.
Of course taste of complete non-chemical relief provides even farm restaurant Vee's.


For more details, please see the following homepage.
Meeting ... of Akinori Kimura nature cultivation society - Hokkaido


Orchard of Tokachi Hills

Blueberry in garden, lotus cup, crab apple grow heavily every year.
Give for hand if you see in the case of walk in garden. You cannot take to go, but, in the case of visiting, please appreciate complete non-chemical delicious fruit as you can try.

  • Lotus cup

    Lotus cup

    With lotus cup lotus cup, we come from "hashikapu" (of pu = which there is o = lot in hashi = branch, ka =) by Ainu. Vitamin C, anthocyanin, calcium are included in richness really. It is the late June and early July in good time to eat in Tokachi Hills.

  • Blueberry


    Color makes flower of light red and white bloom with bell form in spring, and it is, and purple blue or black can enjoy colored leaves in autumn when fruit becomes ripe in summer. In addition, anthocyanin which is pigment is contained and is famous by being effective in eyesight recovery. It is from the beginning of July to the middle in good time to eat in Tokachi Hills.

  • Crab apple

    Crab apple

    It is called princess apple. We make flower of faintly light pink bloom in about May from April, and there is dim flavor. It becomes considerably big tree when we stretch out naturally. Fruit becomes ripe in dark reddish purple from strong crimson. It is the late August and early September in good time to eat in Tokachi Hills.