There are ancestors of taste within striking distance.

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Hills farm

Vegetables which are used in farm restaurant Vee's and washokutokoshifunfundo. "Relief, security" to support the taste is right here. Field of the first page catching solar blessing full. We pour responsibility and love as we do not lose sunlight of Tokachi there every day.

Rental farm

Do you not bring up vegetables with in you or family? In the land, it is begun easily kiko*jisumi midesunode by farming family. As privilege, we issue Tokachi Hills passport.

The rental period mid-May and late October
Rental fee

Approximately 50 square meters of 1 division 10,000 yen (10m *5m)

Inquiry, application TEL: 0155-56-1111

We present one piece of Hills passport in 1 division
Admission is free.
Of passport borrowing and loaning is free.