☆We were published in magazine in plane of AIR DO☆

Tokachi Hills was published in magazine (June issue) in plane of AIR DO☆


Essay is in charge of in rapora (rapora)

Ayumi Ito (representative director) of company creative office cue

We have you convey charm of Tokachi Hills.


[essay going on a trip of Ayumi Ito]

The 15th is Hokkaido, Makubetsu

We right introduce "Hokkaido garden ways" at their best now.


tto is to say and introduces Tokachi Hills


Illustration of pretty Tokachi roiyarumangarittsua pork attracts eye.






Company creative office cue

Representative director Ayumi Ito


We are from Otaru-shi, Hokkaido. Such as Yo Oizumi and others TEAM NACS

We are in charge as producer.

In addition, when want to introduce charm of Hokkaido into the whole country; from thought

Movie "bread of happiness" "tears of grape"

Plan. In early spring, 2019 "sorano restaurant"

We are going to be released. As making match to link the whole country to Hokkaido

It enlivens north entertainment.


[HP] http://www.office-cue.com/



[HP] https://www.airdo.jp/

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