About approach of "new Hokkaido-style" relief declaration Tokachi Hills

About approach of "new Hokkaido-style" relief declaration Tokachi Hills

 Of "new lifestyle" that country showed for prevention of infection spread of new coronavirus in Tokachi Hills

In new lifestyle and business-style "new Hokkaido-style" for practice in Hokkaido

We will work.

Customer would appreciate your understanding, cooperation.




New Hokkaido-style Hills Ver




 We declare "new Hokkaido-style" relief

For extended prevention of coronavirus infectious disease new in Tokachi Hills,

We work on "we become seven customs"!


1.We work on mask wearing of the staff and brisk hand-washing. 


 2.We carry out health care of the staff thoroughly.


 3.We perform periodical ventilation in facility.


 4.We perform periodical disinfection, washing such as facilities, appliance.


 5.We work on reducing contact opportunity with people and person.

       ・ Social D Stan thing which secures constant distance (around 2m).

   ・ Inflection such as partitioning.

   ・ The number of people restrictions and securing of vacant seat.


6.We appeal to customer for a cough etiquette and hand-washing.



7.Utilize notice or homepage in shop, approach of shop to customer positively

  We will tell.

 (visualization (ka) of infectious disease measures to see)



Tokachi Hills


※About these contents, it is thing as of June 18, 2020.

Of the government and related organizations is going to show, and follow, and may be changed.

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