Event information! AKI FES From September 19 to September 22




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It is autumn event guide♬
For four days until from Saturday, September 19 to September 22 (celebration, fire)
(^^) which waits for all of you by various contents to enjoy autumn
We inform of how old you are until the day of the event!
■ Garden X "ohagi" = hokkori!
"Ohagi" to eat on the equinoctial week. Ohagi is different from botamochi in season to prepare into each,
We come from the name of the seasonal flower. And Marukatsu running "Tokachi Hills" is beans wholesale dealer,
We wholesale indispensable adzuki bean to sum Kashiya to Japanese confectionery.
Will it be in thing like beans wholesale dealer with garden? We think about this,
So! At bush clover time to bloom, we planned ohagi with meal benagarahokkorishitemorao in an autumn time!
You are up to weather, but please do "hokkori" while oneself in garden sits on bench at comfortable place! Is deluxe time; (^^)
■ Hills shop autumn sale up to 70% OFF
We turn off wonderful miscellaneous goods up to 70%! Please look for the garden wonderful miscellaneous goods which seem to be usable at home after having taken a walk; (^^)
As change product targeted for sale every day in rotation, please come every day; ...
We make that I can see everybody amusement!
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