We color scenery of Tokachi vividly

Please enjoy rich color to spread all over the garden.

In garden, approximately 1,000 kinds of flowers and trees charm new expression every day with season. Do you not fully breathe in clear air of Tokachi while walking between flowers which bloom to be about to talk about own charm? Please enjoy space of rest changing color until heart wealthily.

※As for the state of detailed flowering in garden, please see staff blog.

The highlight

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    Winter messenger

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    Dragonfly pond of early winter

    ● Characteristic When first snow falls, and there is first frost. Autumn air is shut in dragonfly pond by ice.
    When we are young, antique scenery seems to come out to page 1 of picture book which we read and feels some nostalgia.
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    Dragonfly pond which shuts in autumn air

    ● Characteristic The end of November when nobody comes. It is season of dragonfly pond which Gardiner likes most.
    Lively memory is shut in tightly until just this. Feeling to want to keep important thing all the time and hand mosotchinokedetatazundeshimaimasu which sad feeling whether is over now enters complicatedly, and joins, and becomes numb.