Tokachi Hills online shop


We can choose the following settlement method.

● C.O.D.
Yu-Pack C.O.D.
Please pay price + postage + COD fee at the time of arrival of product.
Product price (exchange amount of money) COD fee
It is 324 yen to ... 30,000 yen
It is 540 yen to ... 100,000 yen
It is 864 yen to ... 200,000 yen
It is 972 yen to ... 300,000 yen
It is 1,404 yen to ... 500,000 yen

● Bank transfer
Customer is responsible for transfer fee. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
Within ten days of the receipt of money when there is not, should be cancellation.


● Yu-Pack

The postage is this


Returned goods, exchange at the convenience of customer, please bear shipping and handling. Returned goods, exchange by distributor convenience bears shipping and handling.


We accept order for product 365 days for 24 hours. About order that you took outside business hours, please note that you come to support order after next business day.
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