We taste season. We feel agriculture and meal of Tokachi.


Farm restaurant Vee's
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Farm restaurant Vee's

Hideaway restaurant which nestles on the hill. It is blissful extremity in people who steal out of the noise, and spend time in town.

We entertain a time when customer is important with dishes which fused with material by chef whom we met from Hungary from Tokachi and Hungarian dishes.

What please have by all means "Tokachi roiyarumangarittsua pork" only in our restaurant. We introduced super rarity class mangarittsua pork which the government authorized as national treasure which we could eat native to Hungary in the living bodies for the first time in Asia and succeeded in breeding production.

Please enjoy authentic taste that genuine chef cooks.

Besides, please fully thoroughly enjoy charm of Tokachi while looking at overflowing flower and green including menu using own house cultivation vegetables.

※As there is sommelier of this restaurant pride, ask things of wine.

  Business hours [summer, winter] ※New Year holidays are excluded
Lunch /11:00-15:00 (L.O14:30) ※Reservation is recommended

Dinner/18:00-21:00 (L.O20:00) ※Need reservations


Regular holiday (from May to September)/Tuesday  

   (from October to April)/Tuesday, Wednesday



・Course lunch 

 2,500 yen, 3,800 yen (each tax-included)

・In a limited quantity! 

 supesharumangarittsuapureto 5,000 yen (tax-included)

It is one dish that only restaurant Vee can taste in Japan which we use 100 grams of fillets of valuable part and matched with seasonal vegetables!


 ※As for the customer of the use, fee for entering kindergarten is free with lunch at our restaurant

 It becomes in this. At the time of admission at reception desk (Hills shop)

 Please confirm.



・Course dinner

 5,000 yen, 6,500 yen, 8,000 yen, 10,000 yen ... (each tax-included)

※Customer that dinner is used makes a reservation until 15:00 of the day before

 But, we are necessary. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.



◎Business hours are changed by weather to lunch dinner

 There is case.

◎To lunch dinner the use in group (more than eight people) up to three days before

 Please make a reservation.

◎I am sorry to trouble you, but, about the company-like use, it is Tokachi Hills

 I would like madego contact.

 Tokachi Hills TEL0155-56-1111 FAX0155-56-1117


Hills shop & cafe
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Hills shop & cafe

Cafe space in Hills shop based on white. Including vaunted original adzuki bean software only in beans wholesale dealer, we offer picnic box or drink to be able to bring into garden. In shop which Green has abundant, you can relax in rainy day.




Cafe _ Natsui




It is rice in the outside R0031315 R0031369

We rent picnic set free.


Summer business/9:00-17:00

      (last admission 16:30)


Winter season business/11:00-15:00

     (cafe L.O.14: 00 for the last time at admission 14:30)


We do business in whole year except/New Year holidays on regular holiday