We taste season. We feel agriculture and meal of Tokachi.


Farm restaurant Vee's
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Farm restaurant Vee's

It faces Tokachi Plains of superb view on overflowing flower and green other side. In comfortable location, farm restaurant Vee's who met first-class chef from Hungary entertains a time when customer is important with dishes which we used fresh Tokachi product material for abundantly. Please fully thoroughly enjoy charm of Tokachi including bean dishes which is kind to self cultivation vegetables and body.


  Business hours [summer, winter] ※The year-end and New Year holidays are excluded
Lunch /From 11:00 to 15:00 (L.O14:30) ※Reservation is recommended
Dinner /18:00 - 21:00 (L.O20:00) ※Need reservations

Regular holiday /On Monday (we take a rest on Thursday from October through the end of March)


※Customer of the use should be fee for entering kindergarten (800 yen) free of charge with lunch in Vee's.

At the time of admission, please confirm at reception desk entrance (shop).



Reservation until 15:00 on personal / day before is necessary.

Reservation until before group /3 day is necessary.



About dinner younger than 18 years; please note that cannot enter

◎Business hours may be changed by weather.
◎The use in group requires reservation until three days ago

 As restaurant Vee's becomes facility in paid garden, ask the shop staff

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We keep alive in spring and are brought up in summer and grow in autumn and save in winter. Both Juwari soba which we harvested in Tokachi and used local ingredients were brought up according to will to have of "degree for four minutes". The shop harking back to good old Japanese private house is large and rises in cool open feeling. In space of relaxation that calm time spreads in, please enjoy seasonal taste slowly. shojo remasu including vegetables which we made self vegetable garden in garden by season.

From 2018, washokutokoshifunfundo (shibubundo) supports group from mid-May through mid-September

It becomes restaurant.

We seem to contact Tokachi Hills for use (group)

Thank you in advance.


We are common in winter summer [except ※ year-end and New Year holidays]
In group (more than 15 people) in the case of use possibility

  Time / ① from 11:00 to 12:00

     ②From 12:30 to 13:30

     ③From 14:00 to 15:00


In individuals (middle of September ...) in the case of use possibility

  Time /11:00 - 15:30 (LO15:00)


Regular holiday /On Tuesday

(it is regular holiday on Wednesday from October through the end of March)


◎Time may be changed by weather in the winter season.

◎Reservation in group until three days ago.


Contact information ... of ... reservation 

<contact information> TEL/0155-56-1111


Hills shop & cafe
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Hills shop & cafe

Cafe space in Hills shop based on white. We offer pasta and soup, light meals such as bread, sweets menu of restaurant original. While even rainy weather looks at flower planted in shop, you can relax.

Summer business /9 00-18 00 (L.O. 17:00):
Winter season business /11 00-15 00 (L.O. 14:00):

 Regular holiday /Whole year business except the year-end and New Year holidays 


Tour guide
◎Business hours / reservation system (until one week ago)
◎Rate /1 tour 3,000 yen (30 minutes)


The making of candle <only as for garden season>
◎It is 00 00-15 /9 for experience-based reception hours

◎Need reservations (until three days ago)
◎Rate /1, 500 yen ...

Open terrace

Open terrace

Opening-like cafe space where warm sunlight pours into. We offer adzuki bean software which soft serve and dietary Fiber using Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine milk are included in, Tokachi Hills original menu including mineral-rich Tokachi single-mindedness vinegar soda. Please drop in before garden walk later.

Business period /4 moon from the end to the end of October (as for the opening of the park period, without holiday)
It is 00 00-18 business hours /9

Alf Lescot

Alf Lescot

Tokachi Hills aims at space to be able to enjoy in whole family. Doggy of favorite pet is member of family, too. In Alf Lescot, you can enjoy walk and meal with pet dog. Please enjoy unusual walk to look at Tokachi Plains, and to walk. This is available as party venue and place of pizza kiln experience.

Business period /4 moon from the end to the end of October (as for the opening of the park period, without holiday)
 It is 00 00-18 /9 at opening time

 ≪Facility in pay garden≫