Winter workshop in Tokachi Hills


It is news of "winter workshop in Tokachi Hills".
Enjoy workshop of Tokachi Hills from child to adult all day

We provide time to meet oneself wealthily in the life of everybody.


Christmas wreath


We want to participate from February without participating in December and January

Person who thought of this!


Sorry to have kept you waiting!


Holding schedule of workshop of February and experience-based content were decided♪

It is all 18 times of holding in February.

WS fryer length 


Please check experience-based contents; ^_^
Workshop of this month became left another five times, too.

We still have space in both schedules.


Member card of Tokachi Hills gains early purchase privilege and becomes beginning to sell from February

Information for Hills members club (suzuki) 


Inquiry, reservation to Tokachi Hills office!

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