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Chef to entrust possibility of Tokachi to

Ingredients of fresh local relief. It is chef who it runs the world on crotch to deal with cooking until now, and played an active part. New possibility full of appetite of Tokachi founds one flower again.

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We are from Budapest, Hungary.
We studied and we acted as chef in popular "Olympia" as restaurant which there was not of menu and polished cooking skill with "onyx" which got star in Michelin Guide in hometown in celebrity shop. "Pierre Gagnaire" in Balzac of eight wards of Paris learns at some three stars restaurant for the study era.
It was chosen in 24 world young chefs in "shienu de loti Sur" in Manchester in 2016 and distinguished ourselves.
In addition, in "bokyuzu Dole" called World Cup of dainty food held once in two years, we have career such as being chosen as Hungarian representative twice.

Challenge of Tokachi Hills, mangarittsua pork from Tokachi

National treasure mangarittsua pork which we can eat

Tokachi roiyarumangarittsua pork of the one and only that introduced mangarittsua pork of pure blood in the living bodies for the first time in Asia from Hungary, and was particular about consistency breeding in the company farm. The staff write generous love in the magnificent earth and blessings of nature of Tokachi and, using feed of the company production using cereals from Tokachi, brings up carefully at company's farm.

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Fusion of ingredients from Tokachi and Hungarian dishes

We invite experienced chef with study in famous shop from home Hungary of mangarittsua pork and are ultimate Hungary dishes to cook by the discerning manufacturing method. Simply because it is farm restaurant Vee's that has how to eat only in the home where we used ingredients from Tokachi for abundantly!

Chef viz dishes

Pleasing home Hungary at home

At Hungarian standard home, artefact and lard such as sausage are displayed at table.
It is characteristic that fatty meat is healthy, and melting point is low, and lard of mangarittsua pork melts in mouth unlike other pork lightly. Please spread on bread as substitute for butter.
As uncooked meat is very expensive in Hungary, it is special day a few times a year that we eat at restaurant.

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