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Two chefs to entrust possibility of Tokachi to

Ingredients of fresh local relief. It is chef who it runs the world on crotch until now to deal with cooking, and played an active part. New possibility full of appetite of Tokachi founds one flower again.

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Head chef Mold station wagon Victor Hungarian national flag

Country of dainty food that assumed Asia the origin is from Hungary. Well-established "gel Bo" that won record of wins and losses in Michelin five star hotel "Le Meridien Budapest" successively holds chef in the Republic of Hungary stationing in Japan Embassy. In Japan, there are the results that provided dishes toward politician and the well-known company management including His Imperial Highness Prince Akishino. We build new dainty food that let Hungarian dishes fuse with ingredients of Tokachi in here farm restaurant Vee's.

Is not only Tokachi product, challenge of Hills

mangarittsua porkIn farm restaurant Vee's, we use Hungarian mangarittsua pork for meat dishes. We pursued the best taste not to get snagged on frame from Tokachi.

Ultimate pork, mangarittsua.

mangarittsua pork Person seeing mangarittsua for the first time may mistake the pretty hairy figure for sheep. It is called "pork of wool" another name "Woo Lee pig" (pork covered with hair) from the figure and can spend in severe winter cold of -30 degrees Celsius. mangarittsua is extremely rare "national treasure which we can eat" which the Hungarian government authorized (we authorize in 2004).
Juicy fleshy substance resembles Iberico pork and Kanbe beef in taste to make a clear distinction from other pork with heavy red meat, marbled beef and is delicious at all. Not only the pork which was color such as beef more densely than common pork is delicious, but also digestion is well healthier than other pork, and it is good. It came to be done kyo at world restaurant published in Michelin Guide now. The Republic of Hungary assumes this mangarittsua pride and holds mangarittsuafesutibaru celebrating this national treasure every year. (we quote from pick salami Hungary Corporation homepage)